What To Expect

Custom Build Process

Step 1

Getting To Know Pure - Initial Introduction

At Pure we recognize the importance of first impressions, most of our clients find us through referrals, show home visits, website, socials, community events or simply just driving around our neighbourhoods. Whatever the connection, our goal is to reply promptly with the most information we can right away so you can evaluate if Pure is a fit for you. Our preference after the initial inquiry is to host a builder meeting with our clients which allows us to develop an early relationship ensuring mutual understanding of what we can offer and to best understand what the clients are looking for. Finding out our clients needs and wants is the most important part to allowing us to find the perfect lot and home plan for you. From here allow us to prepare a pre-liminary price breakdown and present options that excite, after client review and further discussion the decision is made to proceed.... So what comes next?

Step 2

The Paperwork, Deposits & Financing

You have selected a lot & home agreed on pricing and build options in Step 1. From here Pure requests a $5000.00 hold deposit which secures your lot, pricing and all other agreements while we draft up the contract documents which can take a few days. This initial deposit of $5000.00 is held by Pure and applied toward the total deposit payment required should you proceed with the transaction, if for some reason you decide not to proceed the $5000.00 is fully refundable unless otherwise noted by Pure. Once contract documents are signed, Pure then generally gives clients 7-14 days after signing to secure financing if applicable. Once the 7-14 day period after contract signing is reached a second deposit is then paid to Pure to begin the build process and construction for your new home! At this time the client will have the mortgage approval in hand if applicable, the deal will now be complete and condition free, Congratulations! The total deposit required (first deposit + second deposit) is dependent on the build size, customizations and the location, the minimum total deposit required is 10% of the total new home cost, this deposit is applied to the down payment of the home. Pure will only ask for further payment throughout the build if changes are made to the plan post contract signing. These changes may require full or partial payment and are usually smaller in nature. Pure finances the project to completion at which time the client’s mortgage if applicable pays the balance and possession can occur.

Pure does require a homeowner construction mortgage to pay as we build on special projects such as very large homes over $1 million, client owned land builds and other unique situations.

Step 3

Pre-Construction Design, Permitting, Foundation & Framing

Before any construction begins, plans for your new home are created, finalized and submitted to the City for building permit. This process can take up to 30 days. Once the permit is in hand, the site is then staked out, the land is prepared for excavation and the foundation stage is underway! Depending on your home style, size, and time of year the foundation can take 3-5 weeks followed by framing which then allows you to start to recognize your home. This is an exciting stage. As the home is framed you will see the layout of your home unfold. You’ll be able to identify different rooms, doorways, and windows. Site visits are permitted but to be supervised by a Pure representative which is offered once framing is complete and the site is safe to do so. During the foundation and framing stages, you will be meeting with our design team to begin the selection process of your new home's flooring, cabinets, lighting and so on, the part you’ve been waiting for!

Step 4

Design Selection Process

Our design team will work with you throughout the design selection process to ensure satisfactory design options are being presented to best achieve your home design inspiration and theme. Pure’s design team's goal is to present both in budget options and materials that align with the quality of a Pure Home. When making your selections there are so many options, it can become overwhelming very quickly. At Pure we believe that this is the most important part of the build allowing our clients to make the home their very own, we have tastefully created Pure's very own exclusive design catalogue of pre-selected options to make the experience more enjoyable and to give a great starting point. Our design team will share this with our clients early in this process. Keep in mind this is only a guidance tool to help you stay on budget, there are many products available not displayed in the catalogue that are of equivalent value and quality that we can explore, the catalogue serves as a guide of expectations. Our designer will make sure you are selecting products with an upfront informative approach so we can best utilize your time. Our designer will accompany you to our different suppliers if needed to aid with the process and help make your decisions easier. All design selections once finalized are then ordered and uploaded into our custom designed Hometracker software accessible on our website with your own username and password assigned. This gives you 24-7 online access to review your selections, retrieve all client documents, and browse pictures of your new home as it progresses.

Step 5

Interior & Exterior Work

Over the next several months, the interior and exterior work is completed, with Pure 's Site Supervisors on-site and the trades schedule set, we remain hands-on throughout the build process managing production, ordering, quality control and execution of the details as you have selected. This allows us to create the best possible product from start to finish in a timely manner. The build period can range from 6-12 months depending on the type of home style and size, the average Pure Home is a 6-8 month build time from excavation start. Pure will host several site visits throughout the build for our clients to see the progress and complete the remainder of your design selections that come later in the build like Paint colors!

Step 6

Pre-Possession walk through & Possession

As we near the end of the build our team is working on the finishing touches followed by a professional clean. Once cleaned and the home is move in ready, we will schedule the pre-possession walk through with you ideally a few days prior to possession. At this time, we will introduce you to the finished product, go over any defects or deficiencies identified and complete the pre-possession paperwork. There is a lot to take in on this day with explanations of how your new home operates and all the home's systems and maintenance. Knowing the amount of information being shared is a lot on this day we are always here after the fact to answer any questions you may have. Once moved in, do not hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns.

Step 7

Follow Up & Warranty

We’re confident you’ll love your new Pure home. Once you get moved in and settled, we offer our Homeowners a 60-day post possession freshen up of any little warranty items you may have noticed once you start to spend more time in the home. Following this we make our next visit at the one year from possession date. All warranty services require an email from the homeowners to initiate if service is required, should there be an unlikely event where an urgent matter needs attention like loss of heat, hot water or air conditioning our goal is to provide an immediate service call.